Gwyn/Augus Beauty and the Beast AU

The room that Augus found himself in was dim, and he struggled to make out the figures and cast shadows that hid in its darkness - he thought it a fruitless effort to search for a light source, and even in the happenstance that he found one, he would hardly consider it a win; sight didn’t matter to him as much as other things.

The space outside his prison suddenly illuminated, a soft, welcoming light weaving through the metal bars, warming him where it touched his damp skin; a man materialized from where the light had began, leaning casually against the bars and looking over Augus with a careful gaze - he seemed oddly concerned. Augus didn’t know the man, didn’t recognise his face (regardless of its aesthetic), and he definitely was unknowing of why he found himself imprisoned by someone who clearly lacked the cold demeanour of any normal captor; Augus refused to meet his gaze in a final act of defiance, though he would admit that the stranger was an exceptional specimen.

"From what I’d heard of you, Each Uisge, I had expected a beast."

(Why wasn’t Augus the beauty? Because fuck everything that’s why - But I had an alternate AND THIS IS IT)

Augus Each Uisge was laying in the grass reading, being happy and emotionally stable for once, when a shadow was suddenly cast over him. He looked up, surprised to see Gwyn ap Nudd menacingly staring down at him.

A tense moment passed between them, Gwyn’s eyes narrowing; when he finally spoke, it was a growl…


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Jack and Pitch Steampunk AU

Jack felt heavy - though he assumed it had something to do with the excess amount of metal and fabrics adorning his body, and not so much the prickling nervousness at the thought of setting his and his comrades careers on the line, meanwhile Pitch stood beside him in a similar state, seeming as Pitch always seemed: effortless and collected.

Jack had half a mind to reach over and hit him for being so calm just before they were to present their prize invention to Tsar Lunanoff himself, but as he reached out, the motion quickly turned from melevolent to a steady gentleness. He straightened the copper broach on Pitch’s lapel calmly and with purpose, earning a small smile from the older man; Jacks fidgeting was met by the warm press of Pitch’s palm against his cheek and a reassuring tone.

" Don’t worry; everything will be fine."

(No that happened so quickly I wasn’t ready ehe)

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Zydrate comes in a little glass vial! 

Repo! The Genetic Opera songs



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NO AUGUST! It’s too dangerous! There may be a… Pizza witch *trembles with fear*

NO AUGUST! It’s too dangerous! There may be a… Pizza witch *trembles with fear*